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get the answers you seek! Numerology is a way to examine your life, explore new opportunities and learn more about your potential. It is a powerful tool to help you understand yourself, your colleagues and your family better.

These computer generated reports display a remarkably complete and accurate character analysis providing significant insight into your personality:

  • your career
  • your finances
  • love and romance
    Did you know?

    The Mansion is home to more than 100 angels and urban legend has it there have been live sightings...

  • home and environment
  • life choices
  • your talents

Some people choose to get two reports — one with their birth name, and/or one with their married name and/or name they are considering changing to.

museum numerology tour
Have your numerology charts created and tour through more than 100 rooms and behind secret doors to experience the creative process.

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”God gave the angels wings, and he gave humans chocolate.” — Anonymous

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