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Team Building

there’s nothing more important to a company’s bottom line than internal communication. the mansion's in-house team facilitates programs to enhance your retreat and off-site business meeting.

designed to build brands from the inside out and to boost personal commitment, we offer engaging, memorable programs and activities that require teamwork, showcase different talents and encourage open dialogue, allowing everyone to grow, learn and shine.

through careful examination of your company goals, our organizational behavior experts will create a custom program that extends beyond your corporate retreat, back into your office, to ensure sustained success.

build the brand. drive the culture. ensure success.


“A fantastic setting for our team-building retreat. The Mansion staff delivered on every aspect of what we were promised. It was also a fun experience for my staff, who enjoyed settling into deep comfortable furniture for our group discussions — and then wandering around in awe of the place during their breaks.”

— Alan Roth, Sr. Executive Vice President, US Telecom Association

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($1,500/hr) our experts tailor topics to address your organization’s challenges. click on any topic for descriptions.

  • analytics, metrics and ROI

    Now more than ever it is imperative for businesses to measure and analyze everything they do; from marketing programs to sales. Join us for an in-depth view of the tools and technology that will help you analyze your business, understand the metrics and set achievable goals.

  • building a team oriented environment

    Position your employees as “brand ambassadors” to build a collaborative, team-oriented environment through individual achievement. Includes guided discussion and activities.

  • cause related marketing

    Bridging the relationship between commerce and cause is a great way to benefit both parties and the community at large. Using case studies and real life experiences we will explore how this practice can increase loyalty and help solidify your brand in the minds of consumers. This journey concludes with a brainstorming session to kick-start your company’s cause related campaign strategy

  • change management

    Let’s face it, change happens. Whether they are big changes or small they affect how we work. Explore strategies that will help you grow and thrive when change happens in your organization.

  • circular vs. linear strategies

    The need for a leaner, efficient, more cohesive workforce has ushered in a new era of thinking. Fueled by new technologies, improved communications and globalization, organizations are shedding their linear ways of behaving and adopting a more circular approach. Together we will examine this emerging model to see how it can help your business, streamline processes, cut cost, encourage cross-functional participation and ensure sustainability.

  • connect for success

    Examine ways to connect and build relationships with key partners inside and outside your business that will help drive success.

  • crisis management

    Whether you’re a corporation, a non-profit or an individual, it is critical to think ahead. This seminar will explore strategies for readiness, response and recovery.

  • developing better internal communications

    Let’s face it: when it comes to communicating our corporate messages to the world we are champs, but communicating to our employees is often an afterthought. This seminar will shine a light on how a robust internal communication system (Intranet) can provide employee accountability and transparency as well as encourage effective communication, increase employee productivity, streamline processes and much more. This critical communications and productivity tool can provide the infrastructure to manage your corporate culture and strengthen your brand by engaging employee participation and interaction.

  • fundraising

    From events, to grants, to partnerships this seminar explores the many ways you can raise money for your organization. We will explore creating a balanced approach that focuses on execution, evaluation, and refinement of plans based on success and failure of deployed methods. Our experts will lead your group through a brainstorming session to help infuse your plan with fresh ideas.

  • innovation vs. evolution

    This session takes the group on an investigative journey on the differences between evolution and innovation as it pertains to business. Using case studies and examples this round table discussion introduces way for us all to become evolutionary in our approach.

  • leadership for sustainable success

    This seminar will help create a culture of relationship excellence within your organization by exploring ways to work together effectively and enhance leadership skills.

  • non-profit sustainability

    Managing the day-to-day operations of your non-profit organization is important but planning for the future, so the programs you are nurturing remain intact is critical. This seminar will help you explore the primary elements for achieving sustainability including analyzing and adapting to your changing environment, identifying and mobilizing your key supporters, and building strong, flexible internal systems.

  • never settle

    This motivational seminar focuses on helping you achieve your goals without settling. Discussion and exercises include: mindset, examining and removing obstacles and believing in yourself.

  • products don’t build the brand

    An exploration of self as it relates to the overall corporate brand. This seminar includes personal introspection: asking the question "What is MY brand" , "What do I want MY brand to become", "How do others view "ME the brand".

    An analysis of our "personal brand" and our peers perception of our "personal brand" will then be used to explore the company brand and how our employees "personal brand" is integral to the overall company brand.

  • reduce redundancy

    Redundancy = waste. This seminar will explore ways to cut down redundancy in the workplace by empowering employees, enhancing communications, simplifying processes and building flexibility into your workplace. It requires a change in mindset but don’t worry we will touch on that concept too.

  • Scenario Planning

    Determining where your organization is going and how it’s going to get there is a daunting but critical task. This seminar will help you explore your ideal world and build a plan around that so your organization can grow and thrive. You will learn how to create effective goals that align to your ideal world, create action plans to achieve those goals, generate practices for adoption, implementation and adherence to ensure success.

  • serving your community

    Build your brand from the inside. Learn how rewarding and empowering giving back to the community can be for your company, employees, customers and community. This journey will help you brainstorm how to create effective community service programs inside your company. By participating in a group exercise you will experience how effective this tool can be to help build your brand and increase loyalty inside and out.

  • Strategic Plans to Ensure Success

    Determining where your organization is going and how it’s going to get there is a daunting but critical task. Learn how to create effective goals that align to your organization’s mission. Explore strategies and create action plans to achieve those goals. Generate practices for adoption, implementation and adherence to ensure success.

  • the competitive landscape

    This roundtable think-tank will examine the new competitive landscape and its complex array of entities with a particular focus on technology and it’s impact on how we can win with it. A brainstorming session will guide you through the technology landscape and how it pertains to your business; ways to seize the moment and adapt effectively.

  • wine, dine & learn

    Our Sommelier will guide you through a sampling of some of the worlds finest wines with themed team building events:

    • Blind Tasting Competition
    • Cooking with Wine Class
    • Wine & Food 101 Class
    • Wine Trivia Contest
    • Wine Snob

please note: pricing does not include set-up fee, tax, or gratuity.


“Start to finish the experience at The Mansion was incredible. They were so knowledgeable and gave us incredible ways to think about hosting our retreat. My entire team had phenominal things to say about their experience.”

— Vanessa Stair, United Nations Foundation

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